Filled with white duck down.

The white cotton Kangapouch uses a 350 thread count 100% cotton fabric.

Small Tall (3" longer than small)
Infant to 1 year & older

27" (69cm) circumference chest
17" (43cm) wide pouch
36" (91.5cm) total length

Kangapouch has dual snap system on the front.

The Velcro side fasteners attach on the front for small sizes.
Suggested room temperature: 16-20°C (61-68°F) / TOG 2.5

The fabric has a shrinkage of 1.35% in length and 0.8% shrinkage in width.
The size and fill are adjusted to fit the size and TOG ratings after the first wash.

Shipping and tax included for US and Canada.

White Cotton SMALL TALL

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