We purchased our first Kangapouch for our daughter about six months ago, and I cannot express enough gratitude for your product. It has been perfect - exactly what I hoped for. She goes to bed cozy every night, and wakes up toasty warm and dry. I really like that she only has to wear a long sleeve body suit to bed underneath it so that she doesn't need to have bulky, heavy bedclothes where she can't move around as much. We use it every night and it shows very little sign of wear, and I am looking forward to using it for future children as well. We love our Kangapouch! Jennifer T. Redmond, WA

Thank you for a great product. My wife and I stumbled across the Kangapouch in June 2008 in a shop in Vancouver. Having worked in and with China for a number of years, we are both concerned about safety. While it might come as a surprise, what makes the news in Canada regarding lead paint and other dangerous goods for children is not even a tenth of what actually transpires.

Moreover, while items manufactured in China can be of good quality, usually they are not. Consequently, we have become fans of buying the original rather than the copy, and are happy to pay more for a well designed, well crafted product, and whenever possible, made in Canada.

You would think that we would not have need for the pouch in Hong Kong being that it is very hot and humid. However, air conditioner is on par with wind from Portage and Main. The pouch is easy to use, easy to pack for trips to other cities in Asia and most importantly, our baby just loves the softness, the ability to change zipper positions for the correct “temperature setting” and gentle swaddling effects. John B. Hong Kong, China

My Mom bought a Kangapouch for my daughter when she was born and she loved it, (and so did I). Now my son is using it and loving it too. I have seen lots of other products that have different filling or even just fleece, and I don't think they come close to the down filling. I have had down duvets since I was young and am a big fan of them, so I was pleased to find a product that offered the attributes of down for my babies. That they can't kick the covers off is great too because both of my babies are very kicky in their sleep. Thanks for such a great product. Pam L. Calgary, AB

I just wanted to let you know that we love our Kangapouch! We have been using it for 3 months now. At bedtime, zipping her up in the Kangapouch is the signal she needs to let her know that it's time to go to sleep. We lay her down on it and she stretches out with a smile on her face, ready to be zipped up and snugly. Thanks for creating such a great product! Allison H. Calgary, AB

I wish I had found out about your product earlier. We kept on having to get up during the night because our (then) fourteen month old would kick off her covers (she 'crawls' around the crib in her sleep). The first day we used the Kangapouch was the first interrupted night sleep we had - it was excellent!

We have a second daughter thirteen months younger than our first. She sleeps in the bed with us as I am breastfeeding. We bought another Kangapouch for her. When she fell asleep after feeding she would often wake up when I would move her away from me to a 'cold spot' on bed. Now she sleeps in the Kangapouch and rarely wakes up after a feeding as she takes her 'warm bed' with her. Thanks!" John A. Vancouver, B.C.

I just wanted to thank you for the sleeping bag. It is really well made and has several really nice well thought-out details. I am really glad I found you. We originally bought it to be used for camping as a sleeping bag. But we love it so much, our little one sleeps in it every night - even in the summer; we just open it up all the way. Karen K. Toronto, Ontario

Since October 1st, the first night I used the Kangapouch, Max's sleep pattern's have made a sharp turn towards amazing! Prior to Kangapouch use, For his first nap, his bare minimum was 45 minutes, now they're minimum 60 minutes, on average 90 minutes, and sometimes even 2 hours! (his 2nd and 3rd naps vary though because we're usually out and about). Furthermore, for his night sleep, he went from first waking at the 4 hour mark twice a night, to now waking on average on or after 5 hours. We then have a quick 2-3 minute night feed, and he's back down to sleep for another few hours until he gets squirmy in the tail end of his sleep time and needs a soother to give me that extra hour.

It's no surprise that I'm loving this Kangapouch and Max is loving it too as he's getting prolonged rest. at night, all Max wears is a sleeper and then he has this on, I admit I do still wonder if he's comfortable as his head and arms aren't covered in the sleep sac and the room is still cold. I'm not sure how much the temperature will drop during the winter, if I'll need to supplement with room heat, but right now whenever I unzip him in the morning, he's emitting warmth and he feels so toasty and so squeezable! Blog Post - East Van Baby

We have a lovely local new and used retail shop (0-6 years), and I came across this pouch.  I saw it a few times when I was in there, and wasn't so sure what it was (I don't think others did either -- likely why it was there for a while!).  Then I googled the tag -- and fell in love.  Our daughter's room is in the older part of the house and gets very cold.  We like to stick to natural as possible with what we put our baby in, and also not have the guessing game of how many layers will keep her warm. I just wanted to write you to let you know how much we love the pouch.  It gives us peace of mind to know our baby won't get cold at night and in a safe pouch.  Michelle H. Flourtown, PA

Love our Kangapouch ! Who wouldn't want to sleep in a cloud. Kelly C. San Jose, CA

I am so pleased by the quality and softness of my Kangapouch. Angie W. Paulo Alto, CA

Just wanted to send you the link to my blog that I write with 4 other women here in California.
I love our Kangapouches and couldn’t live without them.  Hoping some of our readers become future Kangapouch customers!
Best, Amy M. San Jose, CA